The most popularly known aspects of Jeffreys Bay are it’s epic waves and surf culture.  No matter where you are in the seaside town, the ocean is a glimpse away and the small talk is all about swell.  The most famous break is of course Supertubes, but numerous other spots dot the coastline and everyone from the beginner to the experienced will get their thrill.  The centre of town is home to many surf shops and board shapers, while coffee shops and restaurants name their favourite dishes after infamous surfing locals or phrases.  On the whole, the town is totally relaxed, has a real beach buzz and you can definitely see why it attracts those that have chosen it as home.


Jeffreys Bay has numerous eateries giving you plenty of choice for both food preference and expense.  Seafood is a firm favourite on the menu so be sure to ask our reception for recommendations here. The repertoire of offerings extends to pizza and pasta, Thai curry, Greek specialities, renown South African steaks and of course wholesome food cafes. Island Vibe’s own surf side restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Our breakfast and lunch menus are a la carte, while dinner is a set meal of the day.  Delicious thin based pizza’s ease the hunger pangs out of meal times as do our decadent chocolate brownies!


If you are heading our way in July, be sure to look out for the annual Winterfest which hosts many different sporting codes plus live music extravaganza.  The surfing leg of the competition is part of the World Champion Tour; the likes of Jordy Smith and Mick Fanning will surely be riding the waves.  Other events include the JBay Mountain Bike Open, the Core skate event and the Infood Blu Cold Water Swim Classic.

I have stayed here for two weeks, and I plan to extend my stay to at least one month. Most people who come here do the same because it's so much fun. You are right on the beach and next to the excellent surf spot of Kitchen Windows. Supertubes and other spots are only a short drive away. A cab there costs about $5USD, so you really don't need a car.

There's a restaurant that serves three courses throughout the day. The food is good and very reasonably priced. There are surf lessons twice per day, and there's plenty of backpackers passing through. It's by far the most fun hostel in Jeffery's Bay, and the prices make it a great value.

Gabriel S
San Diego, California