6 Reasons to visit Island Vibe Jeffrey’s Bay

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“Good days at Island Vibe”

I have recommended Island Vibe Knysna to friends that are going to South Africa this year. Just because of the good atmosphere and the great staff that work there. This was my second time staying there, and I was not disappointed this time around either. The weather was warm and nice, and the staff made a braai every night. All the guests were sitting around the big table by the braai, sharing travelling stories with each other over a meal and some drinks. It also goes to show that the staff go the extra mile in making your stay comfortable and worthwhile. They are in whether it is to go out to dance or just play pool or fussball in the lounge! I will definitely come back another time!

~ Hege-Katrin (Alesund, Norway)

“Still the place to be in Knysna!”

I’ve been there for the third time now and Im sure it won’t be last time I stayed at the Island Vibe! The hostel upvalues itself every time: New awesome wall paintings done by a domestic artist makes you feel the African spirit even more. The always friendly, caring and funny staff has got a new member, Moses. A very funny guy that will take you to the beach for a game of soccer or beach volleyball.
The fully licensed bar gives you the great opportunity to start your party at the Island Vibe- and to end it there!
Island Vibe Knysna- for me THE PLACE to be in Knysna!

~ Sebastian B (Deutchland)

“Great Fun!”

Great staff, always up for a good laugh. We loved having the braai every night, great for if you want to self cater and the supermarket is very close by. Good location to walk into town and down to the marina. Clean rooms. Couldn’t of asked for more! Thanks

~ Alice and Mek (Fremantle, Australia)